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Getting to know Monique Ashurst – DBD’s Dental Manager who has a great personality behind that bright smile!

July 17, 2018

A trip to the dentist office about 25 years ago made a significant change in Monique Ashurst’s professional life. After enjoying a fulfilling career in print advertising with some large companies such as The Lakeland Ledger, The Miami Herald and San Antonio Express News, Monique decided that she wanted a career change. Along with her former husband, a retired army officer, Monique relocated to Tallahassee, Florida and it was there during a routine dentist visit that she was offered a job with training. She accepted the offer and began her journey in the dental field.

Years later, equipped with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the dental field, Monique decided to explore her options in the field. She seized a great opportunity in May of this year to become the Dental Manager at Dentistry By Design. She sees the significant growth potential of the practice(s) and in her short tenure so far with Dentistry By Design, she has been accessing the dental offices to find ways to provide better service to patients, improve the overall dental experience and educate the patients on the importance of proper dental health. Her overall objective is to do her part to help Dentistry By Design remain the leading dental group locally and over time grow into that role throughout Florida. She is also very excited about the practice’s potential and looking forward to offering all the dental specialty services in each of their locations (i.e. Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Implants and Invisalign).

Over the years Monique has seen many dental cases but there was a particular one that stood out. There was once a patient who came in and was in need of total mouth reconstruction due to years of drug use. The gentleman had been clean for seven years but sadly, his mouth represented his past. He was extremely fearful of the dentist, which could be seen on his face each time he walked through the door. Over time as he saw the transformation of his mouth, his attitude changed, confidence increased and he finally smiled for the first time. Being a part of that change has resonated with her for years.

The importance of making a positive change in someone else’s life is something that Monique learned from her parents. Having been adopted, she really appreciates and credits her parents for molding her into the person she is today. She was shown what unconditional love is all about and the impact of giving someone the opportunity to have a better life. She hopes to pass down these same values, along with the importance of doing everything with integrity, to her two handsome grandsons. For Monique, family comes first. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jay, grandchildren, family and friends. She is also enthusiastic about travelling and experiencing the world.  


So next time you’re at Dentistry By Design, Monique will be there to assist you with your needs. She’s a warm and friendly manager who complements the accommodating atmosphere of the office. She also thinks of our patients as family, so that allows for even better service and a truly caring environment.  Be sure to schedule your appointment here to have your dental needs addressed as we will be more than happy to serve you today!

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